Graphic designer and teacher. Coimbra, Portugal. Runs Studio And Paul.




Dice Map is not an artwork, it is a method for discovering a city, even if you already know it like the back of your hand. Dice Map is not a tourist guide. Dice Map does not prioritise one location over another. All places are valid for Dice Map. Dice Map is a way of not making decisions. Dice Map is an aid to getting lost in the familiar. As Luke Rhinehart wrote in his 1971 novel, The Dice Man, "Indecisive? Uncertain? Worried? Let the rolling ivory tumble your burdens away”.

Dice Map follows on from Paul Hardman's project Almost a Map (2015) which described in detail a dice determined walk through Coimbra. Dice Map approaches this project from the opposite direction by providing the means for anyone to generate and follow their own 'dice walk'.